Mesothelioma Information and Facts

How Long Does an Asbestos or Mesothelioma Case Take?

Most asbestos cases are settled before they ever get to a jury (meaning the parties agree outside of court to the amount of money damages the mesothelioma victim will get). If you have gathered all the facts about your medical condition and employment history, and your lawyer runs an efficient office, and there is an easily identifiable payment source -- such as an insurance company or an asbestos victims' trust fund -- you may get your money in less than a year from the date your lawsuit is filed. But in other situations, where the amount of money damages depends on going to trial (or at least threatening to do so), it can take two years or more. Fortunately, the court rules in many states recognize that mesothelioma victims have a short life expectancy and as a result, fast track their lawsuits.


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